Eagles Begin the Design Process!

This past week our team of Eagle innovators focused on sketching and designing their ideas for Project 1. Their goal is to create a scale model of a transit station they would like to see in real life. Valley View will be one class among 8 who will be competing in the first ever South Phoenix Science Fair in May of 2019.

With that in mind the students brainstormed how they are going to build, keeping dimensions and color in mind.  They also considered shading and the overall look by identifying their strengths. The students settled on Henry deciding how shading will look, Sebastian drawing the final concept and Kevin was to take all of their ideas, staying on top of their budget.

Mentors Kyle and Zach offered their suggestions and helped them make sure the project meets the criteria. The Mustangs are well on their way into designing their transit structure, keep an eye out for more updates! Go Eagles!!




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