The Eagles are Getting Ready to Fly!

The Eagles have come in this week and demonstrated a true sense of team work! As we see here; Victor, Kevin, Joseph and Sebastian (standing from left to right) are hard at work putting their thoughts together to build their Project 1 structures. Since they are a smaller group composed of 6 young innovators, they have decided to divide and conquer. Victor and Kevin are well on their way to finishing the over all design concept and Victor is quick to decide colors and dimensions. Adam also pictured in gray has been able to take everyone’s ideas and merge them into the final concept idea, a skill that has come in handy throughout the course of the program.

Leading the way towards an awesome final project is one of their mentors, Kyle who has helped them with the actual construction of the transit center but has encouraged them to think critically and on their own. The students are making final decisions about measurements, evaluating their waste and keeping in mind the criteria to meet. Stay tuned for more updates as the South Phoenix Science and Engineering Fair is right around the corner. Make sure to cheer us on at @futureengineersaz on Instagram and find us on Facebook as Engineers of the Future. 

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