Fly, Eagles Fly!

This week the Eagles over at Valley View kicked their projects into full gear with the help of their amazing mentors Zach and Kyle. Pictured below is young innovator Victor alongside Kyle who both checked on the pillars that are going to hold the structure together. They focused on dimensions to follow, the adaptability of the seating arrangements and detailed how to transfer the project to the board once it set completely. In this next picture not only do we see both Zach and Kyle but we also get a glimpse of how focused Kevin and Sebastian are toward their project, not batting an eye in order to avoid missing out on an important building lesson.  The team was able to come together and paint the different parts of the project and simultaneously work on other aspects of it like building, designing and focused on their display boards intended to educate and showcase their projects to those at the upcoming South Phoenix Science and Engineering Fair . Make sure to follow our projects on Instagram @futureengineersaz and find us on Facebook as Engineers of the Future. See you soon!

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