Eagles Create & Innovate!

This week our young engineers from Valley View returned to the classroom eager to get started on constructing their transit station!

Joseph decided to lead the group and with the help of our mentor, Zach began to layout the materials ahead of construction. Kevin, along with Sebastian took notes of the process and helped the rest of the group brainstorm ways they could fully meet the criteria. In this week’s session the Eagles decided they would include colors elements to their design in order to highlight their school mascot and proudly represent Valley View in the first ever South Phoenix Engineering and Science fair in May.

Zach encouraged their efforts, challenging them to come up with ways they could keep their design both beautiful and sustainable. They noted things like shading, overall structural support and also talked about the materials they’d use in real life. With their smarts, dedication and hard work, these innovators can work towards an engineering degree and possibly build this design in the near future!

Check out more of their progress on our Instagram page: @futureengineersaz and on find us on Facebook as Engineers of the Future. Go Eagles!