Lights, Camera, Action!

This past week was definitely one for the books! The Eagles are fully committed to making huge advancements on their projects and have done very well. While in groups, the students (pictured below) worked on each of their areas of focus. Sebastian worked on drawing and painting the base of their structure which included the foam board and put his creativity on full display with mixing and finding new ways to bring life to the project. Kevin on the other hand took design into his own hands, creating and sketching the eagle that will be used as the centerpiece in their transit center. We also had a special visitor from Valley Metro, Morgan who requested a student interview to showcase the Engineers of the Future program on Valley Metro’s social media platforms. The young innovators chose Kevin as the face of the team and during his interview he detailed that Engineers of the Future has changed how he sees his future career as well as giving him a real-life opportunity to have engineering experience. Go Kevin!

Also pictured below, are Zach and Adam who were able to create the foundation for the transit center and make sure every step of the design/building process is followed. If you’d like to see the awesome interview Kevin gave and highlights of the program please go to and search Valley Metro Construction. See you next time!

Fly, Eagles Fly!

This week the Eagles over at Valley View kicked their projects into full gear with the help of their amazing mentors Zach and Kyle. Pictured below is young innovator Victor alongside Kyle who both checked on the pillars that are going to hold the structure together. They focused on dimensions to follow, the adaptability of the seating arrangements and detailed how to transfer the project to the board once it set completely. In this next picture not only do we see both Zach and Kyle but we also get a glimpse of how focused Kevin and Sebastian are toward their project, not batting an eye in order to avoid missing out on an important building lesson.  The team was able to come together and paint the different parts of the project and simultaneously work on other aspects of it like building, designing and focused on their display boards intended to educate and showcase their projects to those at the upcoming South Phoenix Science and Engineering Fair . Make sure to follow our projects on Instagram @futureengineersaz and find us on Facebook as Engineers of the Future. See you soon!

The Eagles are Getting Ready to Fly!

The Eagles have come in this week and demonstrated a true sense of team work! As we see here; Victor, Kevin, Joseph and Sebastian (standing from left to right) are hard at work putting their thoughts together to build their Project 1 structures. Since they are a smaller group composed of 6 young innovators, they have decided to divide and conquer. Victor and Kevin are well on their way to finishing the over all design concept and Victor is quick to decide colors and dimensions. Adam also pictured in gray has been able to take everyone’s ideas and merge them into the final concept idea, a skill that has come in handy throughout the course of the program.

Leading the way towards an awesome final project is one of their mentors, Kyle who has helped them with the actual construction of the transit center but has encouraged them to think critically and on their own. The students are making final decisions about measurements, evaluating their waste and keeping in mind the criteria to meet. Stay tuned for more updates as the South Phoenix Science and Engineering Fair is right around the corner. Make sure to cheer us on at @futureengineersaz on Instagram and find us on Facebook as Engineers of the Future.