Cesar Chavez’s Lady Innovators Lack Zero Focus

Since the beginning of Engineers of the Future, Cesar Chavez’s group of all-girl engineers has had the urgency to prove their competitors wrong during their 3-d transit model construction. One of every 10 professional engineers in South Phoenix is a woman, and these girls are well on their way to destroying that statistic! Our girls have worked alongside AECOM design engineer Janet Yeow to begin creating this masterpiece and have meshed very well together.


It is now week 10 and Cesar Chavez is effortlessly working to finish their transit structure and present to our panel of judges next month. Our speakers for the panel are expected to be Crystal Vega and Edith Cruz. The two instantly volunteered themselves to represent Cesar E Chavez Community School after learning there would be a filmed presentation, and are feeling little pressure.


As we near the ending weeks of Project 1, Cesar Chavez is full steam ahead and expects to blow the competition away! Stay tuned for updates on their progress and expect nothing but great work from this group. Go Champions!

Cesar Chavez Steps Things up for Week 7

Cesar Chavez is back from Winter break and are ready to roll! After a two week break, our young lady engineers came into our session with bright ideas and strong work ethic. We took a big step this week as the girls began cutting their KEVA planks to size with miter saws and preparing their seating arrangement for their 3D transit structure.

Quite a few of our girls have shown leadership in this group and have come up with some amazing roofing designs to put together very soon. Isabella, our I.G. Conchos student proposed to use waste as the legs for our seating, and her peers were impressed! Xotchil Reza, Neila Zavala and Crystal Vega were some of our other outstanding students this week.

Next week, Janet Yeow of AECOM will be back with our lady innovators to continue construction!


Cesar Chavez’s Ladies Are Ready to Compete!

Every week is an eventful one with our all-girls club! Our lovely ladies from Cesar Chavez are working diligently with Janet Yeow of AECOM and designing their on-of-a-kind transit structure!   These girls were hand-picked by school principal Ms. Smith to compete in Engineers of the Future and has supported her girls all the way! Students like Crystal Vega and Neila Zavala have stood out, shined and become the leaders of the design of Project #1.

Engineers of the Future also had the opportunity to work with Kayla Tapia, engineering majors from ASU. Our lovely guests had some great insight into the Fulton School of Engineering and educated our students with valuable time and project management tips.

Not only is out Cesar Chavez group all girls, but we also have an Engineers of the Future participant from a foreign school! Our program runs at seven different schools along the Central Ave corridor, from which Isabella Abarca is not a part of. Isabella is an IG Conchos student who learned about Engineers of the Future and made it her priority to become involved! Now, our Cesar Chavez girls are complete and ready to compete and take the crown!