Q: What is the Valley Metro Engineers of the Future Virtual Program?

A: It is an online STEM program with videoed lessons taught by engineer-mentors along with transportation-themed project builds.


Q: What is STEM?

A: It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  


Q: How much does it cost to watch the virtual lessons?

A: Engineers of the Future is absolutely free. 


Q: Where can we watch the lessons?

A: Videos lessons are available on the Engineers of the Future Website & YouTube Channel. 


Q: What type of supplies do students use to build projects?

A: The majority of our mentor project builds use everyday household items. 


Q: What if I want my child’s school wants to take part in Engineers of the Future?

A: The virtual program is available to all schools and can be viewed as in-class or at home.


Q: How do I get more information about Engineers of the Future? 

A: You can call Program Coordinator Darren Dedo at 316-251-2570 or email him at