Where the Eagles At?!

Who is ever ready for high school? I know I wasn’t. But our goal with Engineers of the Future, is not only that our students get ready and making sure they understand the college application process.

This week, students focused on high school readiness. What does it take to graduate high school? What are the requirements? How many classes do they need? And just for fun… we got to play college BINGO! It was loads of fun. But the best part was getting the students to think about what their future is going to look like!

Are you ready for your future? Students like, Kevin presented their “Ten Years Later” letter to their friend, talking about what their life looks like now.

Kevin shared with class, what he wants his future to look like. He wants to be an engineer working in Las Vegas, just after graduating Harvard! Go KEVIN! His goal is to start out making $65,000-75,000 a year and to be married with 1 child. We can’t wait to see where Kevin’s future takes him. But we know it will be bright.