Griffins Ready to Build!

South Pointe Junior High- When I say these kids are excited, I mean they are excited! And ready to build! Students have been working diligently to get their projects going. Starting next, we will be building, constructing and their projects – TRANSIT Center.

Comarie, one of our star students, demonstrated his design skills to the rest of the group.

The students have been practicing their skills on designing according to scale. What does that even mean? Well our students can show you. It’s been great working with such active minds and creative personalities. This next week, our students will start the construction process, with safety first, our students will be working with tools, wood and even paint to design their structures!

So stay tuned… more design pictures coming your way. Encourage your future engineers to stay committed, we need all of their bright minds in the classroom. Showing off their skills for the South Phoenix Science and Engineering Fair (details coming soon).

Go Griffins!