Lowell Lions Buckle Down as Deadlines Near

As time ticks for Engineers of the Future’s Project 1 due date, our Lowell Lions put their minds together to construct the pieces to their 3-D transit structure model. This is the second-largest group of our program and the expectations are high! Eight graders Jobani Esquivel and Eddy Lopez have proven to have some of the sharpest minds in this program and the rest of the Lowell pack is just as talented.

Our mentors Luis Mota and Chris Chaffee have helped the students measure and create accurate measurements to meet all of the criteria for Project 1, and have taught our young innovators a lot. Eight graders Lauren Rosas and Angel Hernandez appear to be the spokespeople of the group, and will have no problem speaking on behalf of Lowell at our panel presentations next month. This group of students lacks zero confidence and believes they can produce the best transit structure.

Entering the following weeks, the students have made a commitment to work harder and harder every day and work together to make sure our project is flawless. Stay tuned for updates on Engineers of the Future and expect nothing but amazing work from Lowell Elementary. Go Lions!

Lowell’s Young Engineers Make Progress, Luis Mota Joins!

Lowell Elementary is our biggest Engineers of the Future group with 14 students, so you could imagine how challenging it was to brainstorm as a unit! However, our young engineers have pulled together to finalize their ideas and begin putting together their transit structure. Jobani Esquivel has taken the lead on design and has done a great job facilitating his peers.  He is an outstanding student who has stood out from the start. Our students at Lowell are some of the brightest children we have met on this journey and we are very excited to see their result. Luis Mota joined us this week to help us brainstorm roofing structures and strategies to hold them up, him and Jobani have some special plans for our transit structure! Stay tuned and check out our final projects within the next few weeks. Go Lions!

Lowell is Leading the Pack!

This afternoon at Lowell Elementary we discussed Project #1, a transit center! Students have been preparing their materials and getting to know each other one week at a time. Over thanksgiving break, our students had the opportunity to research potential career paths, and many of them had some great results! Eddy Garcia found out he would also be interested in being a doctor, and Lauren learned she would like to be a pediatrician one day! Every student here is engaged with our work and ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead! This week, Luis and Chris talked about safety procedures and the requirements they need to fulfill to build Project #1.

One of the most important tools the students will use for this program is the cutting board! The transit center will be responsible for producing shade over a set of seats, where the cutting board will be used to measure the approximate area of the produced shade. This is just one of the requirements of this project and we are excited to see how our students will work together to create! Mr. Kelly, Mr. Short and Mr. Fultz have been a tremendous help and we would like to thank them for their involvement.

The Lowell elementary Lions are ready to pounce on the competition!