Lions Design!

Our lively St. Catherine Lions are back from their winter break energized and ready to go! The all teamed up and gathered their ideas together to come up with a design for their transit center. We began by gathering various sketches and taking ideas from all our participants.

We had many wonderful concepts and our lovely mentor, Scott helped us combine all our sketches into one concept the entire team approved of. We even came up with some new things during this brainstorming session.

We also reviewed our requirements and work area to ensure our ideas aligned with the needs.

Stay tuned to see how their transit center comes to life!

Lions Prepare!!

Our lively St. Catherine Lions are roaring with excitement to begin constructing their Transit Center for Project #1. However, of utmost importance is SAFETY! Our lions and lionesses got some tips and rules on safety when handling the tools they will be using from our great mentor Scott Tollefson!

We also learned about drawing according to scale. What is this? Ask our future engineers! They were able to apply what they learned a fun assignment that applied to our world with Scott. We drew out our classroom in scale! Now they’re working on individual sketches for their Transit Center to get those creative juices flowing! Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!

Come back next week for updates on how our lions are tackling this exciting project! Don’t forget to keep encouraging your future engineers to keep exploring their STEM fields!

Go Lions!